Steaming, Sandblasting & Painting

Steaming, Sandblasting & Painting


We have a steam cleaning pad with water collection system for washing all of the oil, grease, soluble salts contaminations and direct residue off of your equipment – making it easier for hauling, maintenance, resale, or for overall appearances.

If you are unable to bring your equipment to our location, we will send one of our mobile units to where your equipment is located, and perform our work at your site.

Our washers produce up to 3500 PSI at a temperature reaching 180 degrees Fahrenheit and our steamers produce 250 PSI with 350 degree Fahrenheit steam.


We have a fully covered 100’x60′ sandblasting area which enables us to fulfill our obligations without the problems associated with weather conditions, environmental safety and personnel safety.


As a company, we have worked very hard at hand-selecting quality, professional painters for our team. Regardless of the product or type of material being applied, you can feel confident that our painters take pride in each and every job they complete.

From priming to painting to coating – from epoxies to urethane to metallics – we will have your piece looking its absolute best. Our 120’x60′ paint bay is equipped with makeup air systems which collect the dust and control the pollutants from entering the air and landing on your fresh paint. We use only the best and most efficient products and equipment to complete your job.

We run clean air directly into the painters masks, moisture is separated, and clean dry filter tested for the safety of our employees. Our two main paint suppliers are Endura and Cloverdale. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with them, but we will paint with whichever supplier the customer requests. Prior to every paint job we inspect paint pumps and lines for any abnormalities to make sure every paint job is done to spec. We also have a conventional air sprayer for any job that requires it.