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At Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc., we take pride in providing high-quality industrial painting and coating solutions that protect your equipment and structures from corrosion. We use the latest technology and techniques to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service, and we work hard to earn your trust and satisfaction.

About Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc.

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Discover the Legacy of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc.

In the vibrant heart of Nisku, Ab, Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and masterful craftsmanship. This isn’t just another establishment; it’s a landmark of passion and commitment. Each nook of our facility whispers tales of meticulously executed projects, innovative solutions to challenges, and the contentment of our valued clients. Through the years, as we’ve expanded and adapted, our foundational values have never wavered. At Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc., we don’t merely provide services; we forge lasting relationships, ensuring every touchpoint reflects our enduring excellence. Amidst the dynamic shifts of the industrial service realm, Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc in Nisku, Ab, continues to shine as a beacon of unmatched quality and expertise.

Journey to Mastery: The Rise of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. in Nisku, Ab

In the bustling core of Nisku, Ab, before Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc became the gold standard for Sandblasting and Painting, especially for Oilfield Equipment and Precision Drilling, it started as a vision. A vision steeped in passion and meticulous attention to detail. Those early days shone with unyielding spirit, where every project was more than just a task; it was a testament to our dedication to perfection. As time unfolded, our mark in Nisku, Ab became more profound, but the soul of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc – a blend of modern techniques and age-old values – stood unyielding.


Our story is rich with episodes of turning hurdles into milestones and scaling new heights. Every chapter echoes our relentless commitment to excellence and the unwavering faith our clients have in us. Reflecting on our path, it’s not just the impeccable Sandblasting and Painting services we’ve rendered that make us beam with pride, but also the enduring relationships we’ve built, further solidifying Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc.’s esteemed position in Nisku, Ab.

Lorne Fedoruk - Owner/Operator Abrasive Blast & Paint
Owner/Operator Abrasive Blast & Paint, Lorne Fedoruk.

The Heartbeat of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. in Nisku, Ab: Our Exceptional Team

Diving deep into the success of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. in Nisku, Ab, you’ll find a vibrant team of professionals at its heart. Each individual, armed with a unique mix of skills, experience, and sheer passion, adds to the brilliance we’re known for. They’re the craftsmen and thinkers ensuring every project shines, mirroring our unwavering dedication to detail and customization. From those who’ve been with Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. since its early days to the fresh minds introducing innovative ideas, every team member is pivotal in upholding our distinguished legacy.


Yet, the team at Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. in Nisku, Ab isn’t just about expertise. They embody the spirit and values of our brand, driving us to greater heights. Their relentless commitment to top-notch quality, combined with a collaborative ethos, ensures our clients receive solutions crafted just for them. Reflecting on our journey, it’s clear that the combined efforts of this incredible team have anchored us as a leading name in the industry in Nisku, Ab.

Our team

Meet the Abrasive Blast & Paint Crew: The Hardworking Heroes Delivering Impeccable Results
Lorne Fedoruk - Owner/Operator Abrasive Blast & Paint
Owner/Operator Abrasive Blast & Paint, Lorne Fedoruk.

Lorne Fedoruk

Owner & Operator

In 1994, Lorne and his wife Paula founded Abrasive Blast & Paint.  Since then they have grown the company from a two-person operation to being one of the top sandblasting and painting shops in Nisku. A dedicated family man, Lorne enjoys spending his downtime with his grandkids and tinkering around his farm.

Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. General Manager
General Manager - Abrasive Blast & Paint Jason McCann

Jason McCann

General Manager

Jason started with Abrasive in 1998 and has worked his way up from prepper to overseeing all aspects of Abrasive’s operations. Jason loves the family atmosphere at Abrasive and is a father of 2 children. In his spare time Jason races motorcycles competitively, winning several races in his very first competitive season.   

Shirley Johnson - Controller
The Controller of Abrasive Blast & Paint, Shirley Johnson.

Shirley Johnson

Office Manager/Controller

Shirley is the longest-standing employee at Abrasive, starting in 1997.  Over the years she has held various roles, however, in 2007 she transitioned to become the Office Manager and Controller.  Shirley is genuine and kind hearted, has a positive attitude, and treats everyone with respect and honesty.  Shirley is a proud mother and grandmother and loves her family time.

Abrasive Blast & Paint, Richelle Klak.- Salesperson
The Salesperson of Abrasive Blast & Paint, Richelle Klak.

Richelle Klak


Richelle started with Abrasive in 2010, taking on the role of the company’s first salesperson.  Her family background in the oil and gas industry, lifelong connections, and ability to connect and build relationships have propelled her in her role with Abrasive.  Her family is her proudest achievement and loves spending her downtime outdoors with family and friends.

Abrasive Blast & Paint, Liam Speedsberg - Shop Supervisor
The Shop Supervisor at Abrasive Blast & Paint, Liam Speedsberg.

Liam Speedsberg

Shop Supervisor

Liam has been in the industrial blasting and painting industry since 2016 and has worked his way up to Shop Supervisor.  Inspiring employees to achieve their best work.  Liam is working towards his NACE Level 2 certification and enjoys his time off with family and in the outdoors.

The Safety Officer Abrasive Blast & Paint Cora

Cora Poole

Safety Officer

Cora joined the Abrasive Administration team in 2018.  She started in reception and has since taken on the responsibility for purchasing, inventory control, and safety admin.  Cora is working towards becoming a full Safety Officer. In her down time, she loves creating memories with her family and going on adventures big or small.


Decades of Expertise & Recognitions: Celebrating the Legacy of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. in Nisku, Ab

In the vibrant core of Nisku, Ab, the name Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. shines brightly, echoing decades of unparalleled expertise. Every step of our journey, enriched with experience, has been a beacon, guiding us to ensure that each project mirrors our deep-seated commitment to craftsmanship. Beyond our seasoned expertise, our dedication to safety has garnered recognition from the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP). This commitment is further illuminated by the impressive 99% score we proudly achieved on the 2018 Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit, underscoring our relentless pursuit of a safe workspace for our team and clients alike.


The strength of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. lies in our team. With the expertise of two NACE-certified professionals, we assure that every project is handled with utmost precision and knowledge. Our dedication to the craft is further solidified by the Certificate of Recognition (COR) we’ve cherished since 2007. At Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. in Nisku, Ab, we’re not just about offering top-tier services; we’re about preserving a tradition of excellence, safety, and unmatched industry expertise.

Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. COR Certified.
Alberta Construction Safety Association - Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Unlock Unparalleled Benefits with Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc.

Delving into Sandblasting and Painting can seem overwhelming, but with Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc., you’re securing more than just a service—you’re gaining assurance. Our rich history guarantees that your project taps into years of honed expertise. Plus, our unwavering focus on safety ensures your assets are treated with utmost care. Feel the assurance of having a NACE-certified team passionately working for your project’s triumph, guaranteeing precision and durability. Picture the savings, the extended life of your machinery, and the flawless finish only Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. can deliver. Ready to elevate your project? Join us in this venture. Get your quote now and experience the benefits that many have already cherished.

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