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High Pressure Washing & Steaming

Our high-pressure washing and steaming services are designed to remove even the toughest grime and debris from your equipment…

High Pressure Washing and Steaming

Elevate Equipment Cleanliness with High Pressure Washing & Steaming!

Experience top-tier equipment cleaning and rejuvenation with the industry’s trusted experts in high pressure washing and steaming.

In the demanding sectors of oilfield and rig equipment, construction machinery, and vessels and tanks, equipment is constantly put to the test. Over time, they gather stubborn dirt, grime, and oily residues. Standard cleaning just doesn’t cut it for these industrial giants. That’s where high pressure washing and steaming, a signature service of Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc., steps in.


Using the combined might of high temperatures and powerful pressure, our cleaning solutions are designed to combat even the most stubborn grime. From the intricate components of construction machinery to the robust nature of oilfield equipment, our techniques ensure comprehensive cleanliness. The result? Equipment that not only looks impeccable but also runs at its best. With Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc, you’re not just getting a clean; you’re investing in longevity, peak performance, and a standout professional image. Experience the gold standard of industrial cleaning with us.

Eradicate Grease, Grime & Oil On Your Oilfield & Rig Equipment With High Pressure Washing & Steaming Services

Discover top-tier solutions for your oilfield and rig equipment. Transform your equipment with our high pressure washing & steaming and say goodbye to stubborn dirt, oil, grease, and grime.

In the challenging world of oilfield and rig equipment, your machinery constantly battles dirt, oil, and grease. Regular cleaning methods often fall short. But there’s a solution that stands out: high pressure washing and steaming. With the might of 3500 PSI and scorching temperatures, this technique ensures your equipment shines like new.


It’s not just about aesthetics. This powerful cleaning method eradicates even the most stubborn oil and grease, prepping your drilling rigs, fracking equipment, and trucks for peak performance. So, when you think of oilfield equipment cleaning, think deep, think thorough, think efficient and think Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc.

Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. Employee Steam cleaning a Precision Drilling piece of Oil Rig Equipment
Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc. get's the oil, grease and grime off all your oil field rig equipment

High-Pressure Washing and Steaming On Your Construction Equipment Tackles The Toughest Dirt, Oil, And Grease!

Eradicate Dirt, Oil, and Grime: Transform Your Construction Equipment with Our High Pressure Washing And Steaming Before Sending It To The Mechanic Shop Or For Refurbishing.


Your construction equipment, from excavators to bulldozers, works tirelessly. Over time, they gather layers of dirt, grime, and residues. Enter high-pressure washing and steaming, a method that reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough clean. Without relying on harsh chemicals, it gets your construction equipment nice and clean.


But it’s more than just about looking clean. Cleaner machines are easier to work on plus it’s needed before being sent for refurbishing.  It’s important to get off the dirt, oil, grease, and grime before sending it to sandblasting and painting.  Enabling the paint to better adhere to your machine.

Eliminate Oils, Grease, And Contaminants In Your Tanks And Vessels With High-Pressure Washing And Steaming!

Experience the pinnacle of tank and vessel cleanliness. Eliminate oils, grease, and contaminants with our expert steaming solutions.


In the demanding environment where tanks and vessels play a crucial role, ensuring their cleanliness is paramount. Over time, these containers can accumulate stubborn residues of oils, grease, and other contaminants that can compromise their efficiency and safety.  At Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc, we understand the intricacies of these challenges. That’s why we’ve honed our high-pressure washing and steaming techniques to perfection, ensuring that every inch of your tanks and vessels is thoroughly cleaned.


Our high-pressure washing and steaming solutions are designed not just to clean, but to rejuvenate. By effectively eliminating oils, grease, and contaminants, we help get the tank or vessel clean before either being used for a different substance or preparing it for refurbishing on the inside.  Whether it’s a massive storage tank or a specialized vessel, our team at Abrasive Blast & Paint Inc is equipped and ready to deliver results that exceed expectations. Dive into a transformative cleaning experience and witness the difference firsthand.

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High Pressure Washing & Steaming

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